P2ware Planner Suite 2011 released!

P2ware Planner Suite 2011 is now out!

Version 2011 includes a range of enhanced functionality as well as a revised version tiering and pricing structure. Click here to view the full feature list.

New Planner versions

Applications of Planner Suite 2011 are
  • Planner Server (server application, installed on organization server, center of integrated systems)
  • Planner for Project Support Office (highest version, all features, integrated systems)
  • Planner Enterprise (advanced features, for project managers, integrated systems)
  • Planner Premium (highest version not for integrated systems, it's like For PSO but does not connect to Planner Sever)
  • Planner Professional (advanced features, major application for project managers, not for integrated systems, it's like Enterprise but does not connect to Planner Server)
  • Planner Standard (the most basic application, intended for student)

Planner for PSO is the highest version of Planner desktop software

So to sum up new licenses, there are 3 different kind of applications

  1. Server: Planner Server
  2. Desktop apps for integrated systems: For PSO, Enterprise
  3. Desktop apps for general project management use: Premium, Professional, Standard.

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