Noesis has been designing and building software since 1989, from entry level web applications to large-scale enterprise system integration projects.

Resources alone are not enough to build software systems. Extremely high-level business analysis skills are also required to ensure requirements are met. Project management is critical to ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget. And, of course, expertise is essential.

Noesis can help customers who require bespoke software solutions by providing all of these areas of skill, culminating in products that both work and meet the customer’s needs.

Our staff have knowledge that spans operating systems, application technologies and programming environments.

SQL Experts

Noesis SQL developers program for Teradata, Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL and many other database systems.

We have extensive data warehouse and ETL experience, including large-scale banking systems.

Data Conversion

We are specialists in data conversion. In addition to expertise across most database systems, we have detailed Unix and Windows scripting abilities and an analytical team that can work on the toughest of data-related challenges.

Our honed presentation skills allow us to present data in management-ready form for example, using Excel pivot tables and charts.

We support XML, flat-file, SQL, DBF, LDAP, hierarchical and non-standard data across heterogenous environments and running any kind of operating system or network.

Whether it is bringing the data together from a large data warehouse project for analysis, or filtering data from a downstream service, Noesis has the knowledge and expertise to solve most data problems.