You may be curious as to what "noesis" means and how this applies to the company's focus. The following are some definitions of "noesis" from a number of dictionary resources to give a flavour of its somewhat philosophical meaning:

noesis pure knowledge; understanding. From the Greek nous (emotion): that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings.

noesis noun 1 cognition, knowledge, noesis the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning

noesis noun
1. The activity of the intellect. 2. philos. Purely intellectual apprehension or perception.
Derivative: noetic Etymology: 17c: Greek, from noeein to perceive or to think.

We like to think of "noesis" as the result of applying logical thought to business problems.

There are many ways to solve real-world problems; at Noesis we cut to the core of your business challenges through a process of noetic reasoning.

We don't just throw resources at a problem and hope for the best the most appropriate, accurate and cost-effective solutions can be delivered only by the investment of thought prior to action.